Make a Paper Chain Snake

Kids love to create chains.  It is like they are building a masterpiece!  After mastering this snake they could even make newspaper chains to decorate their own room.  Warning – this art activity is addictive for kids aged 4 to 7 years.  Sam

Make a Snake 01
Materials: Various coloured paper, goggle eyes, PVA glue and one piece of coloured card
Make a Snake 02
Step 1: Cut 4cm strips of coloured paper and connect each piece while forming a chain.
Make a Snake 03
Step 2: Cut a wide circle out of the card and fold in half to form the head.
Make a Snake 04
Step 3: Apply glue on the last chain for the head.
Make a Snake 06
Step 4: Glue on the head and eyes as shown.
Make a Snake 07
Step 5: Cut out a paper tongue and glue inside the mouth.


Make an Aeroplane

This step by step aeroplane art project is suitable for toddlers aged 3 to 5yrs.

Today we are making some aeroplanes using felt strips, pegs and glue.  Make several planes, paint them in different colours and hang them up as a mobile!

Give yourself the gift of creating moments of joy with your child on a daily basis.


Make a Biplane Peg 01
Materials: 1 peg, 3 foam strips, PVA glue, scissors
Make a Biplane Peg 03
Step 1. Paint or colour the peg if desired. Glue two felt strips onto either side of the peg for a biplane wing effect.

Make a Biplane Peg 04

Make a Biplane Peg 06
Step 2: Cut another foam strip in half and cut off the rounded ends.
Make a Biplane Peg 05
Step 3: Glue on the tail piece then use a short rounded piece to form the rudder.
Make a Biplane Peg 07
Completed Aeroplane – Let your imagination go wild!

Make an Octopus

Every octopus will be different. Use a variety of felt pens or paints to create uniqueness. You may try other things to thread like bottle top lids or buttons. This activity is best suited for ages 2-5 yrs and remember to supervise younger ones closely with the beads.


Make an Octopus 1
Materials: One paper plate, 8 coloured straws, 8 pipe cleaners, ~ 50 coloured threading beads, felt pen (paint optional), single hole punch, scissors
Make an Octopus 2
Step 1: Draw a happy face on your plate. (paint and decorations optional)
Make an Octopus 3
Step 2: Punch eight evenly spaced holes along the bottom side of the plate.
Make an Octopus 4
Step 3: Thread end of each pipe cleaner and twist the ends around back of plate.
Make an Octopus 5
Step 4: Cut the straws into shorter lengths as shown.
Make an Octopus 6
Step 5: Thread six coloured straws and beads onto each pipe cleaner alternating between bead and straw.

Make an Octopus 7

Make an Octopus 8
Step 6: Tie off the base of each pipe cleaner and cut remaining piece off.
Make an Octopus 9
Decorate your octopus any way you like!

Make a Cloudy Rainbow

Making art with your toddler can start with some very simple projects.  This Cloudy Rainbow art project is suitable for 18 mths to 5 yrs.

Cotton wool is a fantastic material to introduce to your toddler.  Light and fluffy, they can pull it, stretch it until it breaks and then make some fluffy clouds with it.  Happy Australia Day 2015!  Sam

PS: Congratulations to Stella (11) who is starring in her first hand model photo shoot below.

Make a Cloudy Rainbow
Materials: Paper plate, cotton wool, approximately 10 crepe paper streamers or ribbon of various rainbow colours), PVA glue and scissors.
Make a Cloudy Rainbow
Step 1: Cut paper plate in half and pull cotton wool balls in half.
Make a Cloudy Rainbow 3
Step 2: Apply PVA glue to paper plate spreading around generously.

Make a Cloudy Rainbow 4

Make a Cloudy Rainbow 5
Step 3: Press on the cotton ball halves to the inside of the plate.

Make a Cloudy Rainbow 6

Make a Cloudy Rainbow 7
Step 4: Turn the cloud over, apply a strip of glue and stick down the ends of your ribbons or streamers.
Make a Cloudy Rainbow 8
Turn over and let dry. Hang up your cloudy rainbow to brighten up your day.



Make a Dragonfly

This dragonfly is so cute and threading is an excellent fine motor control exercise for pre-schoolers but just as fun for your tween.

Making dragonfly’s is best for pre-schoolers and older.  If you do attempt this with your toddler be present in the moment and very watchful.  Use your own common sense and judgement.  If you are not sure wait until they are at least three years old and then supervise closely.  Sam

Make a Dragonfly 1
Materials: You will need two standard length pipe cleaners, 14 threading beads, two goggle eyes, PVA glue.

Make a Dragonfly 2

Make a Dragonfly 3
Step 1: Make a small hook and twist into a knot at one end of the pipe cleaner that will be the dragonfly’s body.
Make a Dragonfly 4
Step 2: Thread 12 beads through to the knot.
Make a Dragonfly 5
Step 3: To make the wings, twist tie the other pipe cleaner in half to hold the beads in position on the body.
Make a Dragonfly 6
Step 4. Bend each end of the wing around and twist tie the to the body.
Make a Dragonfly 7
Step 5. Thread the remaining 2 beads on the body pipe cleaner, loop the end and twist tie to hold the beads firmly. Cut off any excess pipe cleaner.
Make a Dragonfly 8
Step 6: Apply two very small dots of glue on the final bead. Lightly press each goggle eye onto the glue and leave to dry. Shape the wings for the effect you want. That’s it.

Make a Caterpillar

Wooden pegs are so versatile and generally you will already have some laying around.

Take 5 minutes every day to just sit down with your toddler to create something together.  It will do wonders for you and your child.

Make Joy Simple – when you create

Make a Caterpillar 1
Materials: One wooden peg, 4 mini pom poms, two goggle eyes, PVA glue.
Make a Caterpillar 2
Step 1: Apply a strip of PVA glue to one side of the peg.
Make a Caterpillar 3
Step 2: Lightly press your pom poms onto the peg starting from one end.
Make a Caterpillar 4
Step 3: Completed pom poms.
Make a Caterpillar 5
Step 4: Carefully apply two small dots of glue to the end pom pom.
Make a Caterpillar 6
Step 5: Lightly press on goggle eyes.
Make a Caterpillar 7
These are so easy to make you can quickly make a second!

Make a Rainbow Fish

A fish can be fun when you make it with patty pans.

Time to find your toddler and create!

Experience the joy of watching your toddler discover what they can make and do!

Make a Rainbow Fish 1
Materials: 5 patty pans of assorted colours, scissors, PVA glue, 2 coloured dot stickers (I’ve used blue), light card, marker pen.
Make a Rainbow Fish 2
Step 1: Cut an oval shape out on your card. Mark a head and eyes as shown.
Make a Rainbow Fish 3
Step 2: Cut one patty pan in half and then cut one of those halves in half again to make a quarter.
Make a Rainbow Fish 4
Step 3: Apply some PVA glue to the tail and top and bottom. Stick down your half and quarter patty pan.
Make a Rainbow Fish 5
Step 4: Gather the remaining patty pans and cut into halves.
Make a Rainbow Fish 6
Step 5: Apply light strips of PVA glue from head to tail and glue the patty pan halves to form scales.
Make a Rainbow Fish 7
Step 6: Get your dot stickers and stick where you would like the mouth to be.
Make a Rainbow Fish 8
Enjoy making your fish. Remember that your toddler will be learning and practicing important skills at each step.

Make a Lady Bug

If you are a mum or dad with a toddler this is a simple project you can do with them that will help develop their fine motor skills.

I have laid out the instructions in great detail as they each provide a focus for different skills.  If you notice your toddler having difficulty with a step use that as a teaching moment.  Help them with the steps they are having difficulty with.  Maybe even create a new activity like “folding things in half” if they are having trouble with that step.

Always remember:  Be present in the moment with you toddler.  You are creating a joyful learning experience.  Picture yourself in the third person if that helps you.  Doing this you may experience a feeling like “I am alive!”  I know I do.  Sam

Ok – Let’s get started!

make a ladybug 1
Materials: Hole punch, peg, two goggle eyes, PVA glue, pieces of black and red paper.
make a ladybug 2
Step 1: Mark out a circle each piece of paper the same size. I used the PVA glue pot as a guide.
make a ladybug 3
Step 2: Fold the red circle in half
make a ladybug 4
Step 3: Cut the red circle in half
make a ladybug 5
Step 4: Cut along the fold in the red circle
make a ladybug 7
Step 5: Apply two small dots of PVA glue on the edge of the black circle and lightly press on the goggle eyes.
make a ladybug 8
Step 6: Apply a strip of PVA glue along the flat edge of each red wing and a little more at one edge as shown.
make a ladybug 9
Step 7: Turn the red wings over and place onto your black bug. Make them overhang and angle out to create the effect you want.

make a ladybug 10

make a ladybug 11
Place your Lady Bug onto the peg and press down lightly. Let dry.