Are you a star? Make a String of Stars

Call me crazy but I think paddle pop sticks are so amazing.

Yes the humble paddle pop stick.

They can be used to create picture frames, small planter boxes and pencil containers.

Save the mess and buy plain coloured paddle pop sticks and decorate yourself or purchase the multi-coloured ones for quicker crafts for kids.


Materials: 24 coloured paddle pop sticks, PVA glue, fishing line, scissors, coloured cellophane.
Step 1: Start by making a simple triangle and glue all corners.
Step 2: Make a second triangle and glue onto the first triangle facing the other direction.
Step 3: Glue all paddle pop sticks into star shapes. Use 6 sticks per star. Complete all stars and let dry.
Step 4: Cut out coloured cellophane and glue onto the back of the stars. Cut off any excess cellophane and let it dry.
Step 5: Attach a piece of fishing line to the back of the stars in a vertical line evenly spaced. Hang it on a wall or by the window to let the light shine through.

Quote for the day …
“Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life.”
Marcus Aurelius


Want to clown around? Make Pom Pom Clown Faces with your kids

Kids love to have a laugh and clown around. Have fun with them with this easy craft idea.  Kids can create their own clown face out of simple materials like paper plates and pom poms. Enjoy creating various expressions on the clown faces. Hang them up on the wall to create spaces full of colour!!!!


Pom Pom Clown
Materials: Paper plate, coloured pens various coloured pom poms, PVA glue, blank paper, 2 goggle eyes.
Pom Pom Clown
Step 1: Cut on this line. You will be using the large piece of the plate. The smaller piece of the plate can be saved for future craft activities.
Pom Pom Clown
Step 2: Draw a triangle on the blank paper. The base should be the same length as the plate.
Pom Pom Clown
Step 3: Using a variety of colours decorate the hat. I used coloured Sharpie pens but you could get really creative and use glitter glue or other things that sparkle like pieces of tin foil.
Pom Pom Clown
Step 4: Glue the hat on the plate with PVA glue.
Pom Pom Clown
Step 5: Add the goggle eyes.
Pom Pom Clown
Step 6: With PVA glue add on the pom pom hair.
Pom Pom Clown
Step 7: Draw on a mouth with a funny expression.
Pom Pom Clown
Step 8: With PVA glue add on a pom pom nose. The finished product will make you smile!!!

Quote for the day …
“It takes nothing to join a crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.”
Hans F Hansen

Are you imaginative? Make a Hatching Chick on a Stick

Have some fun making these Chicks on Sticks!! Kids love to use their imaginations. Design their own patterns and use different materials to create different effects on the eggshell. Put them in a vase for the Easter table or use them as decorations around the house.


Materials: 2 goggle eyes, yellow card, white card, yellow and orange feathers, orange paper,large paddle pop stick,marker, various coloured pieces of paper to decorate.
Step 1: On the yellow card draw half an egg shape and a chicks head shape. Cut these out.
Step 2: Glue goggle eyes onto the head shape. Cut out triangle shape on orange paper and glue onto head under eyes for the beak.
Step 3: Place a strip of glue on the front side of the head at the base and glue the head behind the half egg shape.
Step 4: Cut out various shapes in different coloured pieces of paper.
Step 5: Glue the cut out pieces on the shell. You could also use crayons, glitter or paint. Get imaginative!!! Cut off any remainder pieces to fit the egg shape.
Step 6: Glue on feathers behind egg and head. Glue on large paddle pop stick at the base.

Quote for the day …
“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”
Steve Jobs

Like sparkles? Make a Sparkly Bunny Face with your kids

Show your cute and fluffy side this Easter by creating this Sparkly Bunny Face favourite.  Enjoy spending this fun time with your children and encourage them to add their own individual touches to each masterpiece.


Materials: Cotton wool balls, 2 paper plates, 2 glitter pipe cleaners, 2 goggle eyes, 1 pink pom pom, 1 pink pipe cleaner,PVA glue, white card, pink paper, stapler.
Step 1: Cut 1 paper plate in half and shape 2 bunny ears from this.
Step 2: Staple the two ears to the other plate.
Step 3: Put the pink paper up to the ears and measure out the inner bunny ear.
Step 4: Cut the shapes out and glue them on to the lower part of the ear.
Step 5: Squeeze PVA glue onto the face and place pulled cotton wool balls over the glue. Do this in sections as the glue does not have time to run.
Fill the entire plate with the cotton balls.
Step 6: Attach joggle eyes and pom pom nose with PVA glue.
Step 7: Cut 3 even pieces of pink pipe cleaner into 3 centimetre pieces. Leave one straight and glue this heading vertical from the pom pom nose. Curl the other two pieces and glue them curling up as the mouth.
Step 8: Cut glitter pipe cleaners into four 10 centimetre pieces and attach these with PVA glue to one end under the pom pom nose. These are the bunny whiskers. Leave to dry.
Your completed Sparkle Bunny will look something like this.

Quote for the day …
“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly”
Van Morrison

Hear something? Make a Peep with an Easter card

Shout out a “Peep” for Easter. Make these super cute Easter pom pom cards with your kids. These take no time at all to make, yet will provide simple joy to your loved ones.


Materials: 2 large yellow pom poms, 2 smaller yellow pom poms, orange marker, 2 small goggle eyes, plain white card, Easter stickers PVA glue.
Step 1: Glue 2 large yellow pom poms a few centimetres from the bottom of a blank white card.
Step 2: Glue 2 smaller yellow pom poms slightly off centre on top of larger pom poms. These will be the chicken’s head.
Step 3: Glue joggle eyes (5mm) onto each head. Draw a beak, legs and feet with the orange marker. Attach your Easter stickers. I used” Peep! “from the local discount shop.

Quote for the day …
“When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps”
John Lennon

Kids handy? Create Easter Carrots with hands

Want a hand with Easter preparations? Create these cool Handy Carrots with your kids. You could make a bunch of carrots by doing one for each family member. Hook them up side by side to create a Handy Carrot bunting!!


Materials: Green card, white card, orange tissue paper, scissors, glue.
Step 1: Trace around your child’s hand. Cut it out.
Step 2: Draw a carrot shape onto the white card. Cut it out.
Step 3: Stick the cut out hand onto the top of the carrot shape. This will be the leaves and the carrot top.
Step 4: Cut off any pieces of tissue that hang over.

Quote for the day …
“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”
Walt Disney

Kids excited? Do 20 minutes of Easter craft & they will be!

Are your kids getting excited about a visit from the Easter Bunny? Help them decorate the home with these great Easter Chickens. So simple to make and the results are joyful.


Materials: Paper plate, yellow paint, 2 joggle eyes, orange card, glue, scissors, yellow feathers, marker, yellow paper.
Step 1: Paint the paper plate yellow. Leave to dry.
Step 2: Draw 2 chicken feet on the orange card. Cut them out.
Step 3: Draw two strips (approximately 3.5 cms wide) on A4 yellow paper.
Step 4: Cut the yellow strips out.
Step 5: Fold the yellow stripes back and forth until all the strip is folded. Fold both strips. These are the chicken legs.
Step 6: Glue the orange feet onto one end of the folded strip.
Step 7: Draw a double triangle shape on the orange card as shown. Cut this out and fold it into a beak shape.
Step 8: Glue feet and legs onto the plate. Glue eyes and beak on.
Step 9: Turn plate over and glue on feathers to make wings. Leave to dry.

Quote for the day …
“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.”
Maya Angelou

Getting Blown Around? Take paper plate windmills for a spin

Kids love to see things move. Especially with things they make themselves.  Create this windmill and watch it spin. Split pins are sharp so watch little hands during this activity. Can you find other things together that spin? Go on a hunt!!!

Materials: 2 paper plates, markers, scissors, various paint colours, 1 split pin.
Step 1: Mark out both plates as shown with a circle on one and a long triangle shape on the other plate. On the circle plate, mark the middle with a smaller circle.
Step 2: On the smaller circle mark out the windmill fan shape. Cut all pieces out.
Step 3: Cut out the fan like this.
Step 4: Paint both pieces in your choice of colours. You may like to use textas, crayons or pencils instead of paint. Leave to dry.
Step 5: Place the windmill circle shape at the top of the long triangle shape (at the smaller end) and put the split pin through both pieces of card.
Step 6: Spread the split pin at the back of the windmill
Step 7: Decorate your windmill. I used Sharpie markers to draw some flowers at the base of the windmill.

Quote for the day …
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”
Albert Einstein


Love the smell of flowers? Find out what your kids think!

Stop and smell the flowers every now and then and appreciate the small things in life. Take time out to create some beauty with simple things. Kids are going to love raiding the bathroom cupboard for the supplies in this art activity for 4 – 9 year olds.  While you do this craft you can talk about the sense of smell with your child and what it means to them and how they use it.

Materials: Cotton buds(tips), scissors, PVA glue, 2 green pipe cleaners , cotton wool balls and a coloured button, piece of A4 coloured card and a some vanilla essence or perfume.

Step 1: On the A4 coloured card lay out the design you wish with your cotton buds. Leave a little room at the base for the stem and the middle for the centre of the flower.
Step 2: Glue all cotton buds down to form petals. With the green pipe cleaners make a straight stem. Cut a piece or use second piece to form a leaf.
Step 3: Add a few drops of vanilla essence or puffs of perfume to a cotton ball and glue it in the centre of the flower and then glue a button on top. Leave to dry.

Quote for the day …
“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
C.S. Lewis

All at sea? Make a stuffed jellyfish!

Feeling like an underwater adventure? Make these stuffed jellyfish with your kids. These jellyfish are a 3D buzz to make. Fantastic as room decorations to create underwater seascapes. These stuffed jellyfish are simple and joyful.


Materials: 2 large (A3) white art paper, roll of coloured crepe paper, stapler, marker, paint, scissors, paintbrush, 2 large joggle eyes, glue, string, newspaper.
Step 1: Mark out a semicircle and cut two sheets out together so they match.
Step 2: Cut out 12 strips of crepe paper approximately 45 cm in length
Step 3: Paint both semicircles.
Step 3: Paint both semicircles.
Step 4: On one side attach with glue each of the crepe paper streamers so they hang from the base. Let them dry.
Step 5: Staple around the edge of both semicircles leaving a large hole to stuff newspaper in.
Step 6: When completely stuffed staple remainder of hole shut. Attach some string from the top to hang.
Step 7: Glue on eyes and draw on a smile.

Quote for the day
“Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them”

Feel Blue? Create Bright Blue Flowers

Create some brightness in your day by making these simple yet joyful bright blue flowers. Let your child’s imagination run wild by selecting various decorative materials of their choice. Enjoy spending 20 minutes together finding more about each other.


Materials: Paper plate, marker, scissors, paint, paintbrushes, various decorative materials.
Step 1: Use a marker to draw a flower pattern. I made a circle at the base of the plate then from the edge marked approximately every second rectangle out to the centre circle.  Today I chose square shaped petals.
Step 2: Cut every second rectangle out to the centre circle.
Step 2: Paint in the colour of your choice.
Step 3: Paint in the colour of your choice.
Step 4: Decorate with various materials. I used glitter glue and a stuck on a ladybug from the dollar shop. Enjoy!!

Quote for the day …
“Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better.
Maya Angelou

Too busy? Make time to create a Busy Bee!

Feel like you’re too busy? Take some time out with your kids to create a Busy Bee! Teach your young ones how to concertina fold. Watch their faces light up after they see the results of their creations. They won’t be able to wait for the next celebration to help decorate the house with these easy streamers.
Materials: Yellow and black paper, small circle of yellow card, one small piece of white paper, two joggle eyes, small piece of glitter pipe cleaner, scissors, PVA glue.
Step 1: Measure 2 strips of yellow and black A4 paper (approx 3cm wide)
Step 2: Cut out a strip of black and yellow paper 3cm wide.
Step 3: Place the two strips in an upside down L shape and glue the ends together.
Step 4: Concertina fold the yellow and black paper until all paper is used.
Step 5: Keep folding to the end of the strips.
Step 6: Glue the ends of strips together. Add more paper if you want a longer body. Trim off any excess paper.
Step 7: Create the head of the bee using a round piece of yellow card, glue on joggle eyes and pieces of pipe cleaner for antennae. Take the yellow circle of card and glue eyes. After eyes have dried turn head over, cut pipe cleaner into 2 small pieces. Slightly bend the top of each pipe cleaner and glue on to the back of the head.
Step 8: Draw a set of wings on the white paper and glue them on to the body of the bee.
Step 9: Glue on the head and leave to dry.


Quote for the day …
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist”
Oscar Wilde