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Out of space? Make a rocket collage with your kids that is outer space!

Need more space? Take a trip into outer space making a rocket collage with your kids.

Use different colours of paper and different materials to create various effects.

Paint pictures of planets and space creatures to form murals.


Materials: Tin foil, black card, various coloured paper, yellow crepe paper, red crepe paper, PVA glue, paper glue, scissors.
Step 1: Draw a grid of 10 green 10 white squares (approx 2cm by 2cm).
Step 2: Cut out 20 squares of equal size.
Step 3: Have fun at this stage with patterning!!
Step 4: Glue squares on a backing card as shown.
Step 5: Draw an outline of the jet blasters at the base of the rocket.
Step 6: Tear small pieces of crepe paper (I used yellow and red) and scrunch them in tight balls.
Step 7: Stick the scrunched balls into the outline.
Step 8: Cut 2 larger triangles 6cm by 3cm.
Step 9: Cut out star and moon shapes from the tin foil.
Step 10: Cut 2 small triangles 3cm by 2 cm.
Step 11: Cut a third triangle with a base of 4cm for the top of the rocket. Glue the moon and stars around the rocket. Hang and display!!

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Are you a star? Make a String of Stars

Call me crazy but I think paddle pop sticks are so amazing.

Yes the humble paddle pop stick.

They can be used to create picture frames, small planter boxes and pencil containers.

Save the mess and buy plain coloured paddle pop sticks and decorate yourself or purchase the multi-coloured ones for quicker crafts for kids.


Materials: 24 coloured paddle pop sticks, PVA glue, fishing line, scissors, coloured cellophane.
Step 1: Start by making a simple triangle and glue all corners.
Step 2: Make a second triangle and glue onto the first triangle facing the other direction.
Step 3: Glue all paddle pop sticks into star shapes. Use 6 sticks per star. Complete all stars and let dry.
Step 4: Cut out coloured cellophane and glue onto the back of the stars. Cut off any excess cellophane and let it dry.
Step 5: Attach a piece of fishing line to the back of the stars in a vertical line evenly spaced. Hang it on a wall or by the window to let the light shine through.

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