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Thinking out of the box? Make Woolly Snakes

Feeling inspired to create something a little out of the box? Make these woolly snakes with your kids and jump start their imagination. Use various colours of wool to gain desired effects. Have fun!!!


Woolly Snake
Materials: colourful bundle of wool, PVA glue, 2 buttons, old cereal box, marker, small pair of red cardboard (for the tongue), scissors.
Make a woolly snake
Step 1: Mark out a snake shape on the inside part of an old cereal box with a marker.
Woolly snake art
Step 2: Cut out the shape.
Make a woolly snake
Step 3: Spread PVA glue over half the snake shape
Wooly Snake
Step 4: Start wrapping wool around the snake. Try not to overlap the wool. Repeat this with the top part of the snake.
Woolly snake
Step 5: After the snake is covered, cut smaller pieces of wool and wrap on a diagonal line to create more of a head shape. Glue on two buttons for the eyes.
woolly snake tongue
Step 6: Mark out on red cardboard a tongue shape.
Woolly snake art
Step 7: Cut it out the tongue and glue onto the head. Let it dry.

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