Feel like giving a roar? Make spaghetti lion heads with your kids.

Feel like giving a roar? Make these fun spaghetti lion heads with your kids and give them something to roar about! Remember variations can always be made – colour your spaghetti for  a multi-coloured mane. Make different expressions on the lion’s face. Celebrate each masterpiece!!
Materials: handful of raw spaghetti, yellow paper, black marker, small piece of white paper, scissors, PVA glue, A3 white paper.
Step 1: Mark a circle head shape, including ears onto the yellow paper.
Step 2: Cut two small semi circle shape pieces out of white paper and glue them into the ears.
Step 3: Mark whiskers and nose on the face and glue on the goggle eyes.
Step 4: Cut out face shape.
Step 5: Glue face shape in the middle of the A3 paper. Break raw spaghetti pieces to fit around the face and glue on with PVA glue to form the mane.
Step 6: Make these various lengths. Let it dry.

Quote for the day …
“Where there is kindness there is goodness. Where there is goodness there is magic.”


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