Explore the ocean? Make simple foil fish with your kids

Explore the ocean world with your kids by making these simple foil fish! Get creative and add a little sparkle by getting the kids to decorate their own using their vivid imagination. See how many different designs they can come up with. Enjoy!!

Materials: old cereal box, tin foil, markers(Sharpies), paper glue, scissors.
Step 1: Use one side of the cereal box and draw a fish shape onto the cardboard with a black marker.
Step 2: Cut it out.
Step 3: Place the cardboard fish onto the tin foil and draw another fish shape onto the foil about 2cm wider than the cardboard fish.
Step 4: Cut the foil fish shape out.
Step 5: Place the cardboard fish on top of the foil fish shape. Gently fold the foil over the card. In some places you will need to make a small cut in the foil (at the tail) so that the foil will sit flat.
Step 6: Use the paper glue to gently glue foil flaps down.
Step 7: Use markers to decorate your fish!!

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