Getting Blown Around? Take paper plate windmills for a spin

Kids love to see things move. Especially with things they make themselves.  Create this windmill and watch it spin. Split pins are sharp so watch little hands during this activity. Can you find other things together that spin? Go on a hunt!!!

Materials: 2 paper plates, markers, scissors, various paint colours, 1 split pin.
Step 1: Mark out both plates as shown with a circle on one and a long triangle shape on the other plate. On the circle plate, mark the middle with a smaller circle.
Step 2: On the smaller circle mark out the windmill fan shape. Cut all pieces out.
Step 3: Cut out the fan like this.
Step 4: Paint both pieces in your choice of colours. You may like to use textas, crayons or pencils instead of paint. Leave to dry.
Step 5: Place the windmill circle shape at the top of the long triangle shape (at the smaller end) and put the split pin through both pieces of card.
Step 6: Spread the split pin at the back of the windmill
Step 7: Decorate your windmill. I used Sharpie markers to draw some flowers at the base of the windmill.

Quote for the day …
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”
Albert Einstein


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