Feeling Creative? Make Lovely Letters

Hello Artisans,
Kids love to learn how to write their name. Show them a fancy way of displaying their initial letter. Stickers are fun to use and help with fine motor control. Enjoy watching them learn how to peel and stick!! For older children use buttons to help with patterning skills.  This art activity for children is suitable for 2 -8 year olds.

This makes a great decoration for your artful kid’s bedroom door!


Lovely Letters 02
Materials: One piece of card, marker, buttons, stickers, pom poms, etc, PVA glue.
Lovely Letters 03
Step 1: Mark out chosen letter onto card.
Lovely Letters 04
Step 2: Squeeze glue down the middle of letter if using buttons or pom poms.


Lovely Letters 05
Step 3: Cover the middle of the letter with buttons, pom poms or stickers. Leave to dry.


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