Love Heart Flowers 08

Be a Hero for your kids! Make Love Heart Flowers

Hello Artisans

These flowers make a great little Valentine’s gift. Stick them on a card or place them inside one. They can be a little tricky to make but the end result is worth the extra effort. This art activity is suited to kids aged 4 to 7 years.  Be an artful hero for those you love today!


Love Heart Flowers 01
Materials: Two paddle pop sticks, pieces of coloured card (I have used green, red and pink), glue, scissors, 4 goggle eyes and felt pen.
Love Heart Flowers 02
Step 1: Draw large heart shapes onto the pink and red card (4cm across) and smaller hearts on the green card (2.5cm across).
Love Heart Flowers 03
Step 2: Cut out your heart shapes.
Love Heart Flowers 04
You need 8 large hearts and 4 small ones like this.
Love Heart Flowers 05
Step 3: Glue on the petals (large hearts) top and bottom first, then side petals.
Love Heart Flowers 06
Overlap hearts like this.
Love Heart Flowers 07
Step 4: Now glue the green hearts to make petals like so.
Love Heart Flowers 08
Step 5: Finally glue your goggle eyes and draw on a mouth and leave to dry. You’re a hero!

Quote for the day …
“Action expresses priorities”
Mahatma Gandhi

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