Want to swan around? Make these graceful swans with your children

Want to swan around?  Enjoy creating these joyful, graceful paper plate swans with your children. They would look great on a mural with lily pads and a pond. You could also paint the swans black and add some glitter to make them sparkle.
Materials: paper plate, black marker, handful of white feathers, PVA glue, small amount of red paint, scissors, small paintbrush
Step 1: Using a marker or pencil, mark lines on the paper plate as shown. A ruler may help to make the straight line (the back of the swan).
Step 2: Cut out the shape.
Step 3: Using red paint carefully paint the beak shape. Let it dry.
Step 4: Draw the eye on with black marker. With PVA glue attach the white feathers (going in one direction) along the back of the swan. Let it dry.

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