Make an Octopus 9

Make an Octopus

Every octopus will be different. Use a variety of felt pens or paints to create uniqueness. You may try other things to thread like bottle top lids or buttons. This activity is best suited for ages 2-5 yrs and remember to supervise younger ones closely with the beads.


Make an Octopus 1
Materials: One paper plate, 8 coloured straws, 8 pipe cleaners, ~ 50 coloured threading beads, felt pen (paint optional), single hole punch, scissors
Make an Octopus 2
Step 1: Draw a happy face on your plate. (paint and decorations optional)
Make an Octopus 3
Step 2: Punch eight evenly spaced holes along the bottom side of the plate.
Make an Octopus 4
Step 3: Thread end of each pipe cleaner and twist the ends around back of plate.
Make an Octopus 5
Step 4: Cut the straws into shorter lengths as shown.
Make an Octopus 6
Step 5: Thread six coloured straws and beads onto each pipe cleaner alternating between bead and straw.

Make an Octopus 7

Make an Octopus 8
Step 6: Tie off the base of each pipe cleaner and cut remaining piece off.
Make an Octopus 9
Decorate your octopus any way you like!

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