Make a Biplane Peg 07

Make an Aeroplane

This step by step aeroplane art project is suitable for toddlers aged 3 to 5yrs.

Today we are making some aeroplanes using felt strips, pegs and glue.  Make several planes, paint them in different colours and hang them up as a mobile!

Give yourself the gift of creating moments of joy with your child on a daily basis.


Make a Biplane Peg 01
Materials: 1 peg, 3 foam strips, PVA glue, scissors
Make a Biplane Peg 03
Step 1. Paint or colour the peg if desired. Glue two felt strips onto either side of the peg for a biplane wing effect.

Make a Biplane Peg 04

Make a Biplane Peg 06
Step 2: Cut another foam strip in half and cut off the rounded ends.
Make a Biplane Peg 05
Step 3: Glue on the tail piece then use a short rounded piece to form the rudder.
Make a Biplane Peg 07
Completed Aeroplane – Let your imagination go wild!

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