Wooly Snail 09

Feeling Sluggish? Make a Woolly Snail and feel better!

Bugs are fun to find with your little people. Make this woolly snail and then go and search for some real ones in the garden or at the park. Maybe find other bugs and insects along the way. Explore the world and remember the joy of discovering for yourself. This art activity is suited to kids aged 2 to 6 years.


Woolly Snail 01
Materials: One paper plate, wool – any colour, felt pen, one piece of A4 card, PVA glue.
Woolly Snail 02
Step 1: Draw snail shell design on the back of paper plate.
Woolly Snail 03
Step 2: Draw snail base on piece of card.
Wooly Snail 04
Step 3: Cut out the base
Woolly Snail 05
Step 4: Cut out the outline of the snails little home.
Woolly Snail 06
Your cut out sections will look something like this.
Wooly Snail 07
Step 5: Glue around the shell shape in circular motion.
Woolly Snail 08
Step 6: Cut pieces of wool and attach around shell making a spiral shape with each piece.
Woolly Snail 09
Step 7: Attach the shell to snail base using your glue and leave to dry and draw on some little eyes (yes this snail has eyes!  Pretty cool hey!).

Quote for the day …
“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”
Napoleon Hill


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