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Feeling the love this weekend? Make a Valentines Caterpillar Card

Valentines Day is this weekend. Let those crafty kids get excited and make Mum, Dad or special friends caterpillar cards. Allow them to explore their thoughts and share their creative side with those they love. Enjoy being a love bug!!!! This art project is suitable for 4 – 10 year olds.

Love Heart Caterpillars 01
Materials: Blank card, two joggle eyes, red and pink paper, glue and black marker.
Love Heart Caterpillars 02
Step 1: Draw three pink and two red love heart shapes all the same size(approx. 2.5cm width). Draw one larger heart shape in red (approx. 4cm) for the head.
Love Heart Caterpillars 03
Step 2: Glue large heart shape down first at one end and on a slight angle. Glue alternate colours in a row overlapping each other.
Love Heart Caterpillars04
Step 3: Glue on eyes and draw on legs and antenna. Draw a cute smile. Allow to dry before writing a lovely message inside.

Quote for the day …
Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw

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