All at sea? Make a stuffed jellyfish!

Feeling like an underwater adventure? Make these stuffed jellyfish with your kids. These jellyfish are a 3D buzz to make. Fantastic as room decorations to create underwater seascapes. These stuffed jellyfish are simple and joyful.


Materials: 2 large (A3) white art paper, roll of coloured crepe paper, stapler, marker, paint, scissors, paintbrush, 2 large joggle eyes, glue, string, newspaper.
Step 1: Mark out a semicircle and cut two sheets out together so they match.
Step 2: Cut out 12 strips of crepe paper approximately 45 cm in length
Step 3: Paint both semicircles.
Step 3: Paint both semicircles.
Step 4: On one side attach with glue each of the crepe paper streamers so they hang from the base. Let them dry.
Step 5: Staple around the edge of both semicircles leaving a large hole to stuff newspaper in.
Step 6: When completely stuffed staple remainder of hole shut. Attach some string from the top to hang.
Step 7: Glue on eyes and draw on a smile.

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