Sticky Hearts 07

Feeling Stuck? Make A Sticky Heart

Contact paper is loads of fun when you are being crafty, but not so much fun when you are trying to cover school books! Keep sharing the love this weekend for Valentines Day by creating these Sticky Hearts.  This art project is suitable for 3 – 10 year olds. (Children will need help removing backing from contact paper)


Sticky Hearts 01
Materials: 2 pieces of contact paper, piece of black card( approx 20cm by 20cm), coloured tissue paper.
Sticky Hearts 02
Step 1: Draw a heart shape on the black card covering most of the card. Inside the heart shape draw another heart shape 2 cm inside.
Sticky Hearts 03
Step 2: Cut out the outline of your heart inside and out
Sticky Hearts 04
Step 3: Peel 1 piece of contact and place on a flat surface. Place heart shape on top of contact.
Sticky Hearts 05
Step 4: Tear pieces of tissue paper and place on the inside of the heart shape where the contact is. Cover all areas of the contact.
Sticky Hearts 06
Step 5: After all contact is covered, take second piece of contact and cover over the top.
Sticky Hearts 07
Step 6: Cut off excess contact around the heart. Put it up to a window and watch it light up the room.


Quote for the day …
The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.
Audrey Hepburn

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