Like sparkles? Make a Sparkly Bunny Face with your kids

Show your cute and fluffy side this Easter by creating this Sparkly Bunny Face favourite.  Enjoy spending this fun time with your children and encourage them to add their own individual touches to each masterpiece.


Materials: Cotton wool balls, 2 paper plates, 2 glitter pipe cleaners, 2 goggle eyes, 1 pink pom pom, 1 pink pipe cleaner,PVA glue, white card, pink paper, stapler.
Step 1: Cut 1 paper plate in half and shape 2 bunny ears from this.
Step 2: Staple the two ears to the other plate.
Step 3: Put the pink paper up to the ears and measure out the inner bunny ear.
Step 4: Cut the shapes out and glue them on to the lower part of the ear.
Step 5: Squeeze PVA glue onto the face and place pulled cotton wool balls over the glue. Do this in sections as the glue does not have time to run.
Fill the entire plate with the cotton balls.
Step 6: Attach joggle eyes and pom pom nose with PVA glue.
Step 7: Cut 3 even pieces of pink pipe cleaner into 3 centimetre pieces. Leave one straight and glue this heading vertical from the pom pom nose. Curl the other two pieces and glue them curling up as the mouth.
Step 8: Cut glitter pipe cleaners into four 10 centimetre pieces and attach these with PVA glue to one end under the pom pom nose. These are the bunny whiskers. Leave to dry.
Your completed Sparkle Bunny will look something like this.

Quote for the day …
“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly”
Van Morrison

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