Plateosaurus 07

Feel like a dinosaur? Make a Plate-o-saurus!

Let the imagination of your children run wild by creating their own dinosaur. This is a super simple activity but yet every creation can be greatly different. I have used pom poms and paint, your kids might like to explore using a variety of other things to decorate.  This art activity is suitable for children aged 3 – 8 years.  Enjoy this little journey!


Make a Plateosaurus 01
Materials: Paper plate, 2 pom poms, 2 pegs, coloured card, scissors, glue, joggle eye, various coloured paint.
Plateosaurus 02
Step 1: Cut plate in half.
Plateosaurus 03
Step 2: Use one half of plate for the dinosaur back and one half for a simple, throw away paint plate.
Plateosaurus 04
Step 3: Attach the pegs to the pom poms and dip them into different coloured paint. Take it in turns to create dob marks over the half plate. Cover the space. Let it dry.
Plateosaurus 05
Step 4: Draw two legs, a long neck and head and a long slim tail on separate coloured card/ paper. Cut these out.
Plateosaurus 06
Step 5: Glue head and legs on the underside of the plate and let it dry. Add the joggle eye on the head.
Plateosaurus 07
Enjoy your Plate-o-saurus!

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