Patty Flower Field 07

Make a Patty Flower Field

Flowers can always bring simple joy into your life.  Have fun creating your own Patty Flower Field and bring this joy into your home.  Make them colourful and put them up as murals around the house.   I personally love the part where you scrunch crepe paper pieces into balls and I think kids aged 3-7 years will too.


Patty Flower Field 01
Materials: 4/5 cup liners, various coloured crepe paper, marker pens, PVA glue, scissors, backing paper
Patty Flower Field 02
Step 1: Press cupcake liners flat and make small cuts from the outside to the base of the liner so that the middle remains intact.
Patty Flower Field 03
Step 2: Glue flowers onto backing paper.
Patty Flower Field 04
Step 3: Tear pieces of crepe paper and scrunch them into little balls.
Patty Flower Field 05
Step 4: Place glue in the centre of the flowers and stick the scrunched up crepe balls onto the centre of the flower
Patty Flower Field 07
Step 5: Draw on stems and leaves and decorate backing paper.

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