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Feeling Stressed? Make a Paper Plate Butterfly with Glitter!

Butterflies come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Help your child to create their own magical work of art.  Does the thought of using glitter stress you out? Too much mess? Go outside, put newspaper or a plate down before you start and let them go for it. Kids love sparkle!

Tell me you don’t enjoy it too after trying this activity. Fun for kids aged 2 – 5 yrs.


Make a Butterfly 01
Materials: Paper plate, felt pen, pipe cleaner, buttons, glitter, sequins (or any other things to decorate), PVA glue and scissors.
Make a Butterfly 02
Step 1: Draw two large wedges on either side of the paper plate.
Make a Butterfly 03
Step 2: Cut two large wedges out on either side to form wings.
Make a Butterfly 04
Step 3: Tie pipe cleaners round the middle so it is halved.
Make a Butterfly 05
Step 4: Twist the pipe cleaner at the base then curl the tops to form antennas.
Make a Butterfly 06
Step 5: Glue on buttons, sequins and decorate any way else you like.
Make a Butterfly 08
Step 6: You may want to do this bit outside. Spread glue around the wings and then sprinkle over your glitter and then tap off the unstuck glitter to reveal your beautiful butterfly.

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One thought on “Feeling Stressed? Make a Paper Plate Butterfly with Glitter!”

  1. Well done Sam and Matt
    My grandchildren and I love your easy to follow instructions and pictures. There sure are some beautiful creations coming out of our house

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