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Make a Lady Bug

If you are a mum or dad with a toddler this is a simple project you can do with them that will help develop their fine motor skills.

I have laid out the instructions in great detail as they each provide a focus for different skills.  If you notice your toddler having difficulty with a step use that as a teaching moment.  Help them with the steps they are having difficulty with.  Maybe even create a new activity like “folding things in half” if they are having trouble with that step.

Always remember:  Be present in the moment with you toddler.  You are creating a joyful learning experience.  Picture yourself in the third person if that helps you.  Doing this you may experience a feeling like “I am alive!”  I know I do.  Sam

Ok – Let’s get started!

make a ladybug 1
Materials: Hole punch, peg, two goggle eyes, PVA glue, pieces of black and red paper.
make a ladybug 2
Step 1: Mark out a circle each piece of paper the same size. I used the PVA glue pot as a guide.
make a ladybug 3
Step 2: Fold the red circle in half
make a ladybug 4
Step 3: Cut the red circle in half
make a ladybug 5
Step 4: Cut along the fold in the red circle
make a ladybug 7
Step 5: Apply two small dots of PVA glue on the edge of the black circle and lightly press on the goggle eyes.
make a ladybug 8
Step 6: Apply a strip of PVA glue along the flat edge of each red wing and a little more at one edge as shown.
make a ladybug 9
Step 7: Turn the red wings over and place onto your black bug. Make them overhang and angle out to create the effect you want.

make a ladybug 10

make a ladybug 11
Place your Lady Bug onto the peg and press down lightly. Let dry.


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