Are you imaginative? Make a Hatching Chick on a Stick

Have some fun making these Chicks on Sticks!! Kids love to use their imaginations. Design their own patterns and use different materials to create different effects on the eggshell. Put them in a vase for the Easter table or use them as decorations around the house.


Materials: 2 goggle eyes, yellow card, white card, yellow and orange feathers, orange paper,large paddle pop stick,marker, various coloured pieces of paper to decorate.
Step 1: On the yellow card draw half an egg shape and a chicks head shape. Cut these out.
Step 2: Glue goggle eyes onto the head shape. Cut out triangle shape on orange paper and glue onto head under eyes for the beak.
Step 3: Place a strip of glue on the front side of the head at the base and glue the head behind the half egg shape.
Step 4: Cut out various shapes in different coloured pieces of paper.
Step 5: Glue the cut out pieces on the shell. You could also use crayons, glitter or paint. Get imaginative!!! Cut off any remainder pieces to fit the egg shape.
Step 6: Glue on feathers behind egg and head. Glue on large paddle pop stick at the base.

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