Make a Dragonfly 8

Make a Dragonfly

This dragonfly is so cute and threading is an excellent fine motor control exercise for pre-schoolers but just as fun for your tween.

Making dragonfly’s is best for pre-schoolers and older.  If you do attempt this with your toddler be present in the moment and very watchful.  Use your own common sense and judgement.  If you are not sure wait until they are at least three years old and then supervise closely.  Sam

Make a Dragonfly 1
Materials: You will need two standard length pipe cleaners, 14 threading beads, two goggle eyes, PVA glue.

Make a Dragonfly 2

Make a Dragonfly 3
Step 1: Make a small hook and twist into a knot at one end of the pipe cleaner that will be the dragonfly’s body.
Make a Dragonfly 4
Step 2: Thread 12 beads through to the knot.
Make a Dragonfly 5
Step 3: To make the wings, twist tie the other pipe cleaner in half to hold the beads in position on the body.
Make a Dragonfly 6
Step 4. Bend each end of the wing around and twist tie the to the body.
Make a Dragonfly 7
Step 5. Thread the remaining 2 beads on the body pipe cleaner, loop the end and twist tie to hold the beads firmly. Cut off any excess pipe cleaner.
Make a Dragonfly 8
Step 6: Apply two very small dots of glue on the final bead. Lightly press each goggle eye onto the glue and leave to dry. Shape the wings for the effect you want. That’s it.

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