Paper Plate Bird 07

Want a Giggle? Make a Bird of Paradise!

Hello Artisans,
Feathers are great to play with. Use them to tickle your toddler and let them tickle you back. Have you heard your child giggle recently?  I love it!!!  This art activity is suitable for children from 18 months to 7 years.
Paper Plate Bird 01
Materials: Paper plate, glue, scissors, A4 coloured paper, various coloured feathers, 2 goggle eyes, paint and brush or various coloured markers.
Paper Plate Bird 02
Step 1: Fold plate in half
Paper Plate Bird 03
Step 2: Paint or colour the plate. Leave to dry.
Paper Plate Bird 04
Step 3: Cut 1cm strips of approximately 5 different pieces of coloured paper.
Paper Plate Bird 05
Step 4: Glue or tape tail paper on one end of the bird.
Paper Plate Bird 06
Step 5: Apply glue to the body of the bird and stick on feathers.
Paper Plate Bird 07
Step 6: Glue on goggle eyes and cut a triangle piece out of paper and glue on under the eyes for the beak.
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