Make a Bracelet 04

Feeling Dull? Create a Colourful Bracelet!

Add some colour to your life with these bracelet creations.  This art activity involves threading and is a great challenge for little toddlers. It is a joy to watch your children’s face as they concentrate.  Sort your beads and straws into groups by colour as an initial activity.  My eldest son would stick his tongue out in concentration as he threaded his beads!!  This project is suitable for kids aged 2 – 6 years.
You will love seeing your son or daughter wearing their bracelet with pride!!
Make a Bracelet 01
Materials: Pipe cleaner, various coloured beads, straws, scissors.
Step 1: Bend one end of the pipe cleaner into a little circle.
Make a Bracelet 03
Step 2: Cut straws into smaller pieces then thread alternate straw pieces and beads onto the pipe cleaner until it fits around the wrist.
Make a Bracelet 04
Step 3: Thread the end of the pipe cleaner through the first loop made and cut off any remainder pipe cleaner.


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