Too busy? Make time to create a Busy Bee!

Feel like you’re too busy? Take some time out with your kids to create a Busy Bee! Teach your young ones how to concertina fold. Watch their faces light up after they see the results of their creations. They won’t be able to wait for the next celebration to help decorate the house with these easy streamers.
Materials: Yellow and black paper, small circle of yellow card, one small piece of white paper, two joggle eyes, small piece of glitter pipe cleaner, scissors, PVA glue.
Step 1: Measure 2 strips of yellow and black A4 paper (approx 3cm wide)
Step 2: Cut out a strip of black and yellow paper 3cm wide.
Step 3: Place the two strips in an upside down L shape and glue the ends together.
Step 4: Concertina fold the yellow and black paper until all paper is used.
Step 5: Keep folding to the end of the strips.
Step 6: Glue the ends of strips together. Add more paper if you want a longer body. Trim off any excess paper.
Step 7: Create the head of the bee using a round piece of yellow card, glue on joggle eyes and pieces of pipe cleaner for antennae. Take the yellow circle of card and glue eyes. After eyes have dried turn head over, cut pipe cleaner into 2 small pieces. Slightly bend the top of each pipe cleaner and glue on to the back of the head.
Step 8: Draw a set of wings on the white paper and glue them on to the body of the bee.
Step 9: Glue on the head and leave to dry.


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